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Window tinting serves a simple purpose: To reduce light, and therefor reduce heat transferred through glass. This climate-saving feature doesn't just benefit vehicles. C & L Window Tinting has expanded beyond our competitors to offer your home, office or other business window tinting too!

Window Tinting isn't just for vehicles...

All home or business window tint applications are warrantied for life against adhesion failure. Protect your property for decades to follow!

With our "Low E" window tint, your home will not only stay cooler during summer, but stop heat from escaping during winter. It's been found that window tinting your home or business can save you up to $185 a year on utilities!

Save money on your electric bill every year!

With our residential and commercial window tinting, you'll remove up to 99% of UVA radiation entering your windows - a major source of radiant heat! Reducing UVA exposure will also dramatically reduce fading and bleaching of your carpet, walls and furniture.


Replacing your windows could cost thousands, and still not prevent UVA exposure. Save your money and work with C & L Window Tinting. Get the affordable climate and UV control option for your property today.

Control your climate affordably, without replacing windows

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